Central Filter - completely contained within it's own cabinet, it assures the safe and proper handling of hot fat.

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Safe & Easy Central Filter

Designed to filter the oil quickly with no additional equipment, no special attachments and no special steps to rinse down the fryer. The closed, "hands-free" system means you never come in contact with the hot oil, because the filter is contained within its own cabinet. The high capacity pump filters five gallons of oil per minute. Choose a bagging station or a flat top unit.

The high capacity pump filters five gallons of oil per minute. Simply open the drain valve, switch on the filter pump and close the drain valve. With our patented swirling action, crumbs, debris and contaminants are removed and fat is purified. When solidified shortening is present, the optional melt cycle safely melts it to prevent it from clogging the filter.

Standard Features:

•Available for all Keating floor model fryers,
  gas and electric
•Same height and depth as adjoining fryers
•Stainless steel perforated recessed bagging station
  above filter or flat top
•Improves product quality
•Filters up to 6 fryers of same capacity
•Hose with wand for discarding oil


•Return line heaters for solid shortening
•Polyurethane casters with brakes
•Keep Krisp® food warmer
•Extra Stainless Steel strainer baskets