Under Fryer Filter - this space-saving filter has all the advantages of a central filter
with the convenience of a portable. It fits completely under a Safe & Easy® fryer of the same size.

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Safe & Easy Under Fryer Filter

Easy to use, closed system requires limited direct contact with hot fat. A crumb basket, Acidox and paper in the bottom of the filter drawer traps all crumbs and residue. Simply dump the crumbs and lift out paper to complete the process.

Fast and convenient, the Safe & Easy® Filter is located directly under the fryer, completely contained within the cabinet of a Keating standard Instant Recovery® fryer.
Fat is filtered in less than 2 minutes (14" model), as it passes through a crumb tray to remove large crumbs, Acidox powder, and then filter paper. This process removes free fatty acids, microscopic particles and debris, purifying the fat, minimizing breakdown and extending the life of the fat.

Standard Features:

•Provides safe and easy filtration
•Space-saving design
•Safe & Easy filters fat in less than 2 minutes
•Saves costs on fat
•Improves product quality
•Fits completely under a Safe & Easy fryer
  of the same size