The trivalent chrome Miraclean® surface cleans in 3 easy steps . . . a 44% faster cleanup than a conventional steel plate griddle.

3 easy steps - scrape, wash and polish

After extensive testing at the University of Illinois, foodservice employees involved in the testing preferred the Miraclean chrome surface over the competition for ease of cleaning and appearance after cleaning - and it took 44% less time to clean than a standard steel surface model. Read the results of their findings here:
University of IL Miraclean Griddle Cleaning Test Results

Griddle Cleaning Instructions PDF
Keating Klenzer Spec Sheet
Keating Klenzer MSDS

The Miraclean surface is not only easy to clean, it’s faster to clean. Faster cleaning times means reduced labor costs, and a more productive kitchen. A scraper, palmetto brush and Keating Klenzer is all you need, eliminating the need for bricks or stones or harsh chemicals that will wear and damage the griddle plate.

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