The TS Model fryer is our highest production model, with two digital solid state timers for accurate control.

Instant Recovery® Fryer Features
The benefits of frying at
  lower temperatures

Instant Recovery® Fryers

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The TS model fryer is available in gas and electric, and has a bank of four indicating lights, and two digital solid state timers. The 14" Model cooks 72 lbs. of frozen fries and 75 lbs. of chicken per hour.

Other standard features include stainless steel vessel and cabinet, stainless steel heat transfer tubes and thermostat, extra large cold zone, grid screen over tubes, and legs with adjustable feet. Baskets are included with every Keating fryer.

Keating Instant Recovery® fryers are designed to fry at lower temperatures, between 325°F and 335°F, reducing fat breakdown. Add a Safe & Easy® filtering system to extend the life of your fat up to 30%.

14 TS Fryer shown with basket-lift option
        14 TS Fryer with
        Basket-lift option

Standard Features:

•Available in gas
  and electric
•On/Off toggle switch
•Power-on indicating light
•Stainless steel thermostat
•Pilot-on indicating
  light (Gas)
•Ready to cook light
•Built-in melt cycle
•Spark Ignition (Gas)
•Dual contactors (Electric)
•Heat-on light
•Over max temp safety light
•Two digital
  solid state timers
•Two split baskets included

Model TS Instant Recovery FryerOptions:

•Instant-On™ Computer
•Basket-lift on 14" - 24" models
•Common Manifold
•Rear Drain
•Thermostat seal
•Safe & Easy Filter
•17" Flue riser
•Security Package