We recommend frying between 325º - 335ºF. Our fryers will recover to the set temperature before your product has finished cooking.

Avoid using high heat - temps over 350 degrees Farenheit

Example BTrue Cold Zone -
27% of the frying vessel in our 14" model is cold zone, the largest of any competitive fryer. Crumbs and food particles collect without scorching and causing carbonation or blackening of the fat).

Example CPolished Heat Transfer Tubes -
large, highly polished heat transfer tubes contain our patented wing turbulators. The turbulator forces the heat against the surface of the tube to instantly heat the fat. As food is added and cooks, the temperature is recovered quickly before the end of the cooking cycle.

Example DStainless Steel -
metals such as steel, iron, aluminum, copper and brass adversely react with fat and increase the speed of fat breakdown. All Keating fryer vessels and heating elements are made of highly polished stainless steel.

Fat begins to break down from the effects of temperature at 300°F. For every 10°C or (18°F) that you increase the temperature, you double the rate of the fat breakdown. Frying at lower temperatures will certainly prolong the life of the fat.

Example AKeating Instant Recovery® -
the set temperature is instantly recovered back into the cooking zone due to the large surface area of the heat transfer tubes, which quickly heat the fat.

Cutaway View of Keating Natural Gas Model 14 Fry Pot