Cook both sides of an item simultaneously - the Top-Side™ Cooker will cut your cooking time by up to 60%.

Top-Side Cooking Heads

Top-Side™ Cooker Spec Sheet
Top-Side™ Cleaning Procedures

Cut your cooking time by more than half using our patented Top-Side™ cooking heads. Cook both sides of an item simultaneously - an electronic thermostat is built into the Top-Side™ Cooker head for accurate and even heat distribution, cooking a hamburger in only 30 seconds to an internal temperature of 165° F.
Each cooking head features the patented Miraclean® surface. An exclusive, polymer coated non-stick cooking sheet is attached for cooking. The sheets are reversible, and clean-up with a damp cloth, eliminating the need for expensive platen change-outs.
The Auto Lift Top-Side™ cooker has an easy to use timer that can be programmed with up to 3 separate cooking times. The heads raise automatically when the timer is set.

Standard Features:

•Miraclean® Trivalent
  Chromium surface on
  high carbon 3/8" steel plate
•Remote control box for
  each cooking head
•Quick height adjusters
•One Top-Side™ non-stick
  cooking sheet makes
  clean-up easy
•Mounted onto gas or electric
  24" to 72" wide and 30" deep
  plate only


•Manual lift head
•Timer set Auto lift head
•Streaked surface
•Extra cooking sheets

Top-Side Cooking Head Remote Control Box

Remote Control Box

Surface area of the cooking head
is 10½" x 20", an area that is large
enough to cook 8 quarter-pound hamburger patties Miraclean Griddle shown with Top-Side Cooking Head