Portable Filter - completely contained within its own cabinet, it assures the safe and proper handling and filtering of hot fat.

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Step by Step Portable Filter Operating Instructions
Portable Filter Spec Sheet

Featuring Keating's Nutroilator® System, the portable filter conditions and removes free fatty acids to extend the life of the fat. It can be easily maneuvered, and rolled away for storage.

The high capacity pump filters five gallons of fat per minute. Simply roll Keating’s Portable Filter under the fryer drain valve and place hose in fryer vessel. Empty fat into filter vessel, close drain valve and switch on filter pump while holding the hose nozzle. Crumbs, debris and contaminants are removed and fat is purified. When solidified shortening is present, the built-in melt cycle safely melts it to prevent it from clogging the filter.

Standard Features:

•Stainless Steel cabinet and vessel
•Seamless drawn Stainless Steel vessel
•Built-in Melt Cycle
•Heavy duty handle
•5 ft. hose with swivel handle and stiffener spring
•Removable 6 ft. cord with plug
•Package of 60 filter papers
•Carton of Acidox filtering compound
•Polyurethane casters
•Stainless Steel strainer basket
•Filter cover

Keating Portable Filter


•Two-way pump on LB units
•Extra Stainless Steel strainer baskets