Miraclean® Griddles - styles to meet every requirement.

Miraclean® Griddle Benefits
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•100% customer satisfaction
•Saves 44% in clean-up
•Cooler kitchen
•Saves 32% in energy costs

Keating Drop-In Miraclean Griddle
Griddle Spec Sheets

The Drop-In unit has all the same standard Miraclean® Griddle features, available in gas and electric.
Add options such as a streaker section, additional thermostats for gas models, high imput elements for electric models, or design a customized model to suit your needs.

•Trivalent chromium surface
  on high carbon 3/4" steel plate
•Stainless Steel cabinet and
  grease drawer with handle

Keating Teppanyaki Griddle
        Teppanyaki Spec Sheet

Available in electric only.
The Keating teppanyaki griddle
is designed to enhance your
presentation cooking with the
mirrored beauty of our
Miraclean® Trivalent Chromium
surface. The heating section is
thermostatically controlled with
one thermostat for each of
2 high imput elements. Sizes range
from 24"x24" to 72"x30".
The actual heating section
on all units is 24" W x 18" D.