What makes this fryer so incredible? Here are just some of the reasons why the Incredible Frying Machine is the most efficient fryer on the market.

High Efficiency Burner -
our burner design provides 7 minute preheat time that typically takes 10 minutes with any other fryer.

Heat Reclamation Tube -
conducts heat to dramatically increase heavy load cooking efficiency.

Durable Flexible Mesh Burner Construction -
this material lasts longer than brittle ceramic tile burners. Holds up to tough performance demands.

Electronic Ignition -
automatically lights burners. There is no standing pilot to struggle to light.

Instant-On™ System -
increases productivity by as much as 9% with little increase in energy consumption. Instant-On maintains an average frying temperature of 96% of the thermostat setting.

Cutaway view of the Incredible Frying Machine fry pot

A Fry Pot that is Easy to Clean -
it makes sense that smooth finish is easier
to clean. We take extra time to pollish each
fry pot for that reason. We use extra large
heat transfer tubes that evenly spread the heat
reducing carbon build-up.

Heat Transfer
Capability -

Keating's Incredible Frying Machine has large, highly polished stainless heat transfer tubes that heat the frying fat more quickly, uniformly and efficiently. It results in better tasting food, longer fat life and lower utility bills.

Reduced Flue Size -
results in a smaller surface area that transfers less heat into kitchen.

27% of the Frying Vessel is Cold Zone -
the cold zone prevents crumbs from scorching and carbonizing, extending the life of expensive cooking fat.

Tough Construction -
we use only high quality stainless steel. The fry pot shown is 18 gauge, deep drawn to eliminate excessive weld seams. The heat transfer tubes are precision welded into the fry pot.