Salting & Bagging Station Spec Sheet
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Keating’s Salting / Bagging Station is available in 2 standard models, 30" and 36" widths. Features include a convenient preparation area, with a large 15" x 20" dump pan, as well as a heated holding and display station. It includes Keating Keep Krisp® Food Warmers to keep foods hot and fresh prior to serving. Two shelves are located conveniently below the unit for extra storage room to stack supplies. The units are also available with a flat top, for even more flexibility during your busy prep time.

With three standard models available, the Keating Basket Rack will help keep your kitchen organized and running efficiently, especially during peak times. Our Portable Basket Rack is constructed of highly polished stainless steel to ensure durability. Extra sturdy basket hangar rods ensure that baskets hold their grip and don’t slide off. Six inch vertical spacing on basket rods hold a large variety of baskets.

Keating Hot Food Well/Bain MarieHOT FOOD WELL/BAIN MARIE
Features include a 9” deep Stainless Steel well and cabinet, with a Stainless Steel polished backsplash and canopy. The 12” x 20” well opening holds standard full, double or triple size pans. There is a full port front drain valve for easy draining and cleaning, and an adjustable temperature control.

The Keating Hotplate is available only in gas units, with 2 or 4 burner models. Features include heavy duty burners with a manual gas valve, removable grates and drip pans and stainless steel burners.

Salting and Bagging Station
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